Today was a great day, a Saturday that did not involve going to the supermarket. Instead, we went to the beach!

Once again, the governor opened the beaches after being closed for about two months because of the coronavirus. I’m all for taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus but I don’t think it was necessary to close the beaches. It doesn’t spread in salt water or in that much heat.

Every time she had a press conference, I hoped she would say something about the beaches until she finally said something on Thursday. She said they would open today. We didn’t know if it would be full but we had to try, we had to go.

We found a spot in Piñones, another one of our beautiful beaches, that wasn’t crowded. There were other families but far away from each other. Outside the water, people wore masks.

Going to the beach this morning, even if it was just for a few hours, was what I needed. Being outside, forced to be away from my phone while in the water, and getting some vitamin D, was a lot of fun.

I really hope the governor doesn’t close them again!


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