I survived week one of Focus T25 Beta phase but I want to be hobest, it was not easy. I had to rely on the modifier a lot more than I did on Alpha phase. Maybe it was just the fact that this is different and I was already used to the other routines. Now everything is new and it all feels like it going faster.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get used to it and by the time I start getting comfortable with the routine it’s going to be over. I only have four more to go.

What I like about this new phase is that it’s not all the same type of videos as before, just more difficult, there are new types of exercises that weren’t in the first phase, like Upper Focus. We didn’t do much for the arms before.

I can’t let how tired I am today discourage me from keeping this up. I have to remember next week I start Christmas brake so it’s supposed to be easier to keep this up, or at least I hope so.


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