First day of my Christmas vacation was a success! I haven’t rested much but I did sort of complete my goal for today.

My mom and I decided we’re going to be walking in different places during our vacation. Today we were going to the beach and our goal was to walk three miles. It was going great because there weren’t a lot of people and most of them we’re walking, like us. Right now that’s all you’re allowed to do at the beach, exercise.

We were walking with our masks hanging from our necks and we put them on any time we crossed paths with anyone. There were only a few people, we were all following instructions, or at least we thought we were. According these two police men in a golf cart going up and down the beach, we weren’t. They were telling everybody to put their masks on. They even made two kids put their masks on in the water. I’m not joking, they had no problem with the children being in the water with currents. They didn’t care that they were siblings with no one else around and that they weren’t exercising. No, according to them the boys just needed masks IN THE WATER!

So when we finished walking up and down the beach twice, we decided to leave, even if we had only walked 2.50 miles. Half a mile wasn’t worth it when you have to wear the mask and you feel like you’re being persecuted by two lazy cops in a golf cart.

After lunch I did the video for today and thought about doing maybe some more walking or getting on the bicycle but I couldn’t do that to my legs. At least that walk in the sand was a great pedicure.


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