Today we completed our three miles walk in Old San Juan.

We were trying to walk out up tu El Morro, outside the walls of the city but the entry outside the wall was closed.

Even though we had to go back down the way we came it was a good walk, the view of the ocean is beautiful but it looked a little scary. You really don’t want to go to the beach right now, there is a lot of current and there are a lot of waves. It’s not safe to go in the water in winter.

We walked for a while inside the city, which we thought would be pretty empty but there were a few tourists and some people doing last minute Christmas shopping, standing in line outside the stores. I was so happy to have finished all my Christmas shopping weeks ago when I saw that.

I also finished today’s video this afternoon. I wanted to do it earlier but I got caught up working on something else and lost track of time.


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