Well, today we all got to experience a very new kind of Christmas. No big family parties, no hugging or kissing and everyone sitting at different tables. Not being able to be close to one another was different, but it was what we had to do to be safe.

I hope that even though we weren’t able to celebrate the same way, as much, or with the same people, everyone had a happy and safe Christmas. We just have to remember it’s not always going to be this way, but we have to make sacrifices to keep everybody safe. If it means I can’t hug my grandma this year so she can be with me next year, I’ll safe my hug until it’s 100% safe to hug her. I hope next Christmas will give us more to celebrate.

But since the celebrations were short this year, I got to keep exercising on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yesterday I went on a two mile walk in the morning. I didn’t like it because it rained on us and I even thought about just stopping after the first mile.

Because it was still early when I got home, I quickly did yesterday’s video too and went on with my day.

Today I waited until the afternoon to do my double day videos. I thought about skipping today and just doing the videos tomorrow because it’s Christmas but wanted to be done with double day.

I will also go on a walk tomorrow morning so I didn’t think adding two 25 minute workouts to that would be a lot of fun. I would rather just be done today, even if it was Christmas.


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