Last week I was excited for our morning walks every day, except Saturday because it is my rest day so I didn’t go. I was afraid I wouldn’t want to go today either because once you stop it’s harder to start again. The key is not to think about it very much, I just got up once I heard the alarm and I already had my clothes picked out. After I washed my face and teeth there was no turning back so that was the first thing I did.

We were still deciding where we wanted to walk today when we left but we decided to go near the beach, where we did the last virtual 5k. That’s a very nice place to walk because you are not walking in the street. There is a path between the street and the beach where you can walk, run or ride a bike without having to worry about cars. Also, it’s right next to the beach so you can run but you don’t get full of sand and there’s a nice breeze. We walked and ran a little for three miles.

After lunch I started the third week of Focus T25 Beta. I felt good about myself when I finished because today I felt like I could do most of it. I felt ok when I finished and I wanted to use the bicycle for a little while but I had to do something else first.

My mom and I had talked about moving the treadmill and the bicycle back to her house. They were originally there but I moved them to my apartment earlier this year, during the quarantine because no one else used them even it was a little cramped. Now that I’m not the only one exercising, we moved the treadmill, bicycle, weights, aerobic step, and weights to another room with more space to exercise.

After we moved everything I didn’t want to use the bicycle anymore. Moving that and the treadmill was enough exercise.This was a good way to start the week.

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