This afternoon I finished the second course of the Digital Social Media certification. Now I only have four more courses to go to get the certification.

This is fun because it’s all about social media, something I use everyday but it’s teaching me more tools I can use. I’m learning that sharing my blog can’t be looked at the same way as I share my personal accounts on Facebook or Instagram. I knew that already but I didn’t think about it that much. I’m still posting when something is finished but it’s usually not planned beforehand. I’m learning now that I should have my week planned. If I had everything planned before I wouldn’t be having trouble writing like I’ve had recently.

I really should have taken this classes a long time ago.

Today I also finished my workout early. I went about it a little bit differently. I did the same things I usually do but I decided to change the duration. I was on the bicycle for only 20 minutes today but the video lasted almost 50 and I walked for 45.


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