I am now taking the second course for the Digital Marketing online certification and I think it’s going well. One of the reasons I decided to get that certification was that it would help my blog, and I still think it will, however I am having a little trouble blogging right now.

Ever since my vacation ended and I went back to work in January, it has been more difficult to blog and I don’t know if it’s a time thing. I’m afraid that with I don’t have enough time to sit down to write. I’m always either working, exercising or taking class during week days. If for some reason I didn’t keep up with class during the week, I make up for it on the weekend.

I can understand why I didn’t have time last month in January; I was working a lot and I was trying to complete the 30 miles for the January challenge, in addition to exercising but I finished the challenge. Also I’m not working that much during the day anymore, even though I still have a day job and a freelance job.

Hopefully now I can do everything without putting too much pressure on myself or getting too tired. I need to find a way to balance everything because it’s all important to me and still get enough sleep.


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