I don’t remember if I told you but after I finished T25 Beta I learned that there was another set of videos. I had some trouble getting them but this weekend Focus T25 Gamma arrived!

I was so excited today was a holiday because, well I get the day off from work and because I could workout early. I warmed up on the stationary bike, like I usually do and then started the video. I have to tell you it was not easy; I don’t know if maybe it was harder because I have been doing easier workouts or what but I had trouble keeping up. I mean, today’s video was Speed 3.0, which I should have known would be fast and hard to keep up with, but still I had to stop it for a second to get a drink of water. On the bright side, I was able to finish!

I hope tomorrow’s video isn’t so fast because tomorrow I won’t be able to do it in the morning.

I also got started on my third class of the Facebook Social Media Marketing Specialization. I actually watched a lot of the videos and do the quizzes because I didn’t have to split the day with going out anywhere. Staying home allowed me to do a lot of other things like laundry, cleaning, freelance writing, and exercising.

Having an extra day to just stay home and finish everything you didn’t finish on the first two days is great. We need three day weekends.

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