I’m proud to say I completed day three of my first week of Focus T25 Gamma. That’s right, three straight days of the most challenging Focus T25 videos so far.

Because I only just began this series, I’m still not able to do everything as fast as them or well as they do it, but I’m still giving it my all. Some of exercises are similar to the ones in the other Focus T25 videos but a little more complicated. These videos are more focused on upper body, while Alpha and Betta were focused more on lower body. There is always a lot of attention to the core.

One some new exercises I try to follow the regular version, not the moderator because I think I can do them or at least want to try. There are some that I can do and some I can do for at least for a little while and then have to switch to the moderator moves.

Today I only had time for a short walk with my dogs outside and then the video because I got home late. The walk had to be cut short because it started to rain but I missed walking with them. I should go along with my parents on their walks more often.


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