Well, today I started my new job, sort of. It’s not really a new job, I’m working where I was working two years ago, when the Covid19 pandemic began.

I had a good first day because I knew what to do, and I knew the people. It had been two years so I had to refresh my memory a little but everything came back. I remember most of the customers because most are same ones from two years ago who still work there and they remember me too. They were a little surprised at first but happy to see me again.

I’m happy because it feels good being at a job where I know what to do and what’s expected from me, and if I have questions I can go directly to my boss and ask her. I like knowing that my boss trusts me, who I need to talk to if I have a question, problem or anything. My coworkers are very nice and helpful and I was happy to see them too.

I like that kind of work environment and that once again I am somewhere I feel comfortable and safe. What makes me feel even more safe is seeing how they follow all the Covid19 protocols, which I happily follow too.


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