Five years ago Puerto Rico was changed by Hurricane María. It caused so much destruction, so many deaths, losses and changes that just the mention of a hurricane causes a deep sense of fear and stress in everyone.

This time is was Hurricane Fiona, which was different than María but still deadly. Fiona turned into a hurricane just before it’s arrival and the eye of the storm didn’t cross the island like María did, it just came in through Cabo Rojo, a town on the southwest corner of Puerto Rico. You would think this means that most of the island didn’t suffer much, but sadly, that’s not the truth. Fiona was such a huge storm that even though the eye only touched a corner of the island on Sunday, it was raining all over since Saturday. The power grid on the entire island was knocked out, we saw land slides, flooding like I’ve never seen before on multiple towns. The power has still not been restored everywhere.

We saw a temporary bridge set up after hurricane María being dragged away by floods, entire neighborhoods flooded, people being rescued from their homes on boats, and other movie like scenarios that only add to the PTSD we all already suffer from after Hurricane María. Some of our towns on the southern coast are also recovering from strong earthquakes that started in 2019.

It was a catastrophe on an island that is still trying to recover from the catastrophe five years ago with no help from the government. Despite their lack of action or interest in our well being, the people of Puerto Rico have proven to have the strength to not give up and keep fighting during difficult times while still helping each other.

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