I tried to make my grandma’s famous arroz con salchichas or rice and sausages. It’s always been famous to me because it’s my favorite, but Her famous dish is actually her flan. I don’t like flan but from what I hear, she makes a really good one. My grandma is a great cook and almost everything she makes is incredible but I just love her arroz con salchichas. I always have.

I’ve been meaning to try to make it because I haven’t made it in over ten years, since before the accident, and I was really hungry today. I had the ingredients and I had already asked her for the recipe but I called her anyway to make sure I had everything right. It all seemed pretty easy, easier than making rice and beans, so I was pretty confident.

I started to make it and everything was looking great, it all smelled pretty good and for a while I thought I had done it, made it almost as good as grandma’s.

I was too confident, and I should have tried it before serving it. The rice was cooked, the sausages were good but the flavor wasn’t the same. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t the right flavor. I forgot to add salt and oil to the rice when I was cooking i,t but there was something else about the taste, I just don’t know what it was. I think maybe too much tomato sauce, but I’m really not sure.

Even if I didn’t get it right this time, I’m going to keep trying. I want my grandma to try it sometime, but I don’t know if I want her, or anyone to try this one. Even if I didn’t get it right this time I’m confident I’ll get it right if I keep trying.

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