I got an internship!

Today, as I was looking for more freelance jobs, something came over me and I decided to go after that internship I applied to this weekend. I called them because they had shown interest but never called me. Turns out they had been calling me, at the wrong number. After I gave them my correct … Continue reading I got an internship!


Let’s show them who’s boss

I was raised in a family of strong women, working women when women's jobs were to stay home and raise the kids. My grandma is a civil engineer, only a few other women studied engineering with her in the 50's. She always worked and she raised four daughters, all of whom went to college and … Continue reading Let’s show them who’s boss

What is it now health insurance?

Everything was going great since we resolved the mess with the Health insurance, or I thought we solved it; but noooo, they want to mess with me again. This time it's not really an emergency because it's just Ritalin, but come on, do they want to keep messing with the TBI patient? Now they say … Continue reading What is it now health insurance?