Unstoppable walk and run

There is nothing like taking your puppies out for a walk, them barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash and trying to wander off to god knows where; but once you get more comfortable  and confident that you are the leader it starts to get easier and you start to relax. The best part … Continue reading Unstoppable walk and run

Robin went home

I woke up very tired today, I didn’t want to do anything, but I had told myself I would clean today. The apartment smelled like dog, and it hurt because the dog wasn’t here anymore, he went home with his master yesterday. I thought cleaning and getting the smell out would make it all normal, … Continue reading Robin went home

The happy new member of our family

I just got home from visiting my brother and meeting his new dog, the most adorable little ball of fur. I’m in love and I just wanted to bring the dog home with me. Just being around that adorable little thing made me so happy. I didn’t care about anything else; I almost ignored taking … Continue reading The happy new member of our family