I got back home to Puerto Rico at the end of September, 2012. I spent those first few months seeing doctors, finding therapies, and seeing family and friends. I also began writing everything down, and kept doing this for over a year. Here is the beginning of my story when I came back home.


I’m glad to have improved so fast. Tomorrow I will go to a race for people with accident like mine. My mom and my aunt have gotten a lot of people to go. I have even been practicing through my therapies and I have walked around the pool in our building with my mom once. Also today I went to my grand parents house and they have an exercise bicycle there and I used it today.

I have improved so much so fast. People can’t believe it when they see me that I could improve so much so fast. A few days ago we went to a doctor for the first time and he had seen some of my information from the surgery and other stuff they did to me in Syracuse. I was standing up with my mom when he came in because I was tired of sitting down. He was in shock and couldn’t believe I was doing so well so fast. He even called another doctor to come in and see me and see how well I was doing so fast.

It makes me mad to see people who have problems like me or even smaller than me complaining about stupid things. I’m just happy to have some many people behind and believing in me. It makes me sad that my mom can’t work yet because I know she wants to soon. She is an elementary school Spanish teacher. In the mean time since she is waiting to start again she has been tutoring some kids.

I feel bad for her because she can’t work yet but every time I tell her she says she’s just happy that I’m doing so well and that I’m improving so fast.

I’m glad to be making so many people happy and start believing again by me getting better so fast. That just makes me want to get better faster. Not just because I want to get better fast, I want to go back to Syracuse to go to grad school and get my life back. But makes me want to go back to my life as it was before.

This whole experience has given me a new look at life. I have learned to believe in miracles again because I think that this whole experience, me surviving getting hit by the taxi, the 3 surgeries and getting better and improving so fast has helped me to believe again and know how strong I am and how much can be achieved by being positive.

Just believing and trying to get better soon has rally helped me and I thins whole experience has helped me believe that everything will be ok. As long as you and the people around you believe in you, you will get better. I have left so many people in shock by moving so fast that it just makes me want to keep trying and keep getting better fast. That is my main motivation and I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me, especially my family. I know thins was a lot for them to take but they have always been by my side, have always believed in me and have helped me so much. This whole proses has not been easy for me and I know it has been a lot for them to deal with but they have always been there for me, and have always believed in me. They are always so proud of me when I improve that I with to be able to do something for them too. To return the huge favor and show them how much they mean to me and how much I appreciated everything they have done for me I want to do something for them.

It just makes me proud to have so many people proud of me.

Although I’m happy to be ok, to have improved so much so fast and have so many on my side I just want to bet better fast to go back to my life like it was before and to follow my dreams.

Also crying really helped. I needed it. I hadn’t cried since I was in the acceded. It felt good to finally let it all out. I think I was holding on to a lot. And I needed that to get better and to improve so much and so fast.

Improving is my main want now. I hope this energy continues with me.

Also this experience has shown me a new side of life. I was always positive but I am more positive now. It has helped me a lot during this process and I hope that it helps me more in the future.


Yesterday I went to a 5k race for people who have suffered accidents like mine. It was in Central Park of Puerto Rico. The last one I did was like a year ago in Disney world with my cousin Brian. On this one I used my walker in the beginning, then went on the wheel hair and then the walker again. I did it in 1 hour and 25 minutes, which was a lot faster, than a lot of people. I hope that when I do a 5k again I can actually walk or even run again. I really liked to run before the accident. I can’t wait to be able to walk again and run again because now I can’t run and I can barely walk alone. I have taken a few steps by myself but that’s it. That’s as much as I can do now but I’m getting better every day. I just hope than I can get as I was before. I’ve improved little by little. I can now eat as I was before the accident. I have also gained wait again. I was 120 pounds before the accident, now a when like 110 but it’s a lot better than it was after my comma. I went from 120 pounds to less than 100. But I was also eating less because I didn’t really like the food that they had. Now I eat a lot again because I’ve also eaten a lot always but I haven’t gain weight because I exercise. Also I fry to control the junk food and desserts I eat even though I love them.


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