I’ve been really good about taking my medicine on time, sometimes I’m a little too strict about that. If it’s 8 pm, it’s 8 pm, not a minute sooner, and I never forget. I complain when my mom keeps checking up on me, asking if I took my medicines, because she knows I’m even more strict about it than she is.

Lately, we have both been kind of relaxed because taking my five pills in the morning, and five at night, it has become a routine. We both have alarms on our cellphones, which both go off at the same time. I have not missed one pill in the last year.

I don’t know if I’m so used to this routine that I thought I took them, or the fact that I wasn’t home when the alarm went of, but I forgot last night. I did not take my medicine last night. I have been very scared that this may cause me a seizure today, but I did take my medicine this morning, so I don’t think the risk is very high anymore.

But I will take them before 8 tonight, just to be safe.


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