Do people feel sorry for me? Do people think I can’t do anything? I can’t drink, but that’s about it, I’m still the same person.

I was invited to brunch today, which turned into lunch, and then I found out they have plans of going to the beach after, but nobody told me. I wasn’t invited because you have to walk a lot. And they think I can’t do that because…? I don’t know where they got the idea that I can’t walk. Maybe I don’t walk, I’ll just run past all of them.

I’m sick of people having this idea that I can’t do anything. I have a disability, epilepsy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk. And there’s my head, I don’t want to hit my head, but I can be careful and not fall. Non of them should fall and hit they’re head either.

I won’t to curse because I promised myself I wouldn’t curse on my blog so I’ll just put an angry emoticon. 😡


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