While I was watching the movie Concussion earlier today, I saw an image of what happens to neurons after your head gets shaken really hard. I only thought, that explains what I’ve been through these past few years. After this, my mom, who was sitting next to me said that happened to you, but only once.

As I watched the movie I kept getting more and more into the story. A brilliant doctor realizes what many had been told to keep quiet by the NFL. As it is shown in the movie, the NFL didn’t want this research to be made public because it would hurt the giant industry of people hurting each other and acting like animals. Animals can tackle each other and hurt their head violently, but we are humans, we are a different design of living organisms. Our brain is designed to think, we are supposed to use that brain, not hurt it. Some people use this brain to only think about money, how to make more money and how to manipulate other people to make money. This is all perfectly fine, until you manipulate people into hurting each other or seeing people hurting each other and not caring because it’s a sport and it’s a tradition.

This only happened to me once and three years later I’m still seeing the effects of that. Just imagine what goes on when this happens multiple times a day, all season of every year they play football. As showed in the movie, there are visions, suicide, aggression, depression, among many others.

I can’t say how shocked I am that people just ignore the damage they are doing to themselves, and others, every game they play. How this industry has managed to convince people into being so passionate about this, creating such a large industry, which has made itself into daily lives. Children are raised playing football, hurting themselves, hurting and attacking others and making people believe this is right because it is the American dream; and it’s starting to spread to other places.

After reading people’s comments to the film on Rotten Tomatoes, I don’t think any of them got the importance of this film. People don’t seem to know or care enough about brain injuries. The movie also included the right amount of his personal life, so we can see the man and how hard this was on him, but how he fought through it to do what he knew was right.

This movie has not been given enough credit or attention because it attacks the million-dollar industry that is the NFL, but it deserves people’s attention. This is not about a sport, about just hurting an industry because we don’t like it, this is a human issue, and people don’t seem to see this. They don’t see how real this is, they just think it’s another drama being manipulated by the movie industry, but it’s not. I live having suffered a traumatic brain injury, and this is no joke, it’s real, and it can happen to anyone.


P.S. The acting was good and this subject is no joke.



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