Last night, February 13th, I went to a concert I had been waiting to go to for years. Whose concert was this? The one and only, Ricky Martin.

I still remember his first concert I went to when I was in the third, or maybe fourth grade. I remember him opening the show with his recently released song, Living la Vida Loca, with a red car on stage. At about the same time, he released his song Maria, which I have always said is for me, and The Cup of Life (La Copa de la Vida), the official song of the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France.

This is where my love for him began. To this day, I am still a big fan, who was waiting patiently for his next concert in Puerto Rico. Finally, when this day came on Saturday, I was a nervous wreck, acting like I was going to meet him ( I wish), and wanting to have the perfect outfit, like he was going to see me and judge me on my clothes.

I got my outfit ready and got there with just enough time to sit down, comment on people walking around us, and wait, a little bit impatiently. At around 9 p.m. the opening act, a boy band CNCO, made up of five Puerto Rican boys, performed the opening show, made up of their interpretation of cover songs, and one or two original songs. The boys did not waist a minute, constantly thanking the public for their attention and for letting them perform.

When they were finished, I was waiting impatiently for Ricky to start. About twenty minutes later, the coliseum went dark, the music started, and it was time. When he came on stage, the crowd, including me, went wild.


He began singing his recently released songs, including Adrenalina, performed with Wisin, another Puerto Rican artist.


He later performed some of his older songs, including Living la vida loca, bringing out another car, making memories from him first concert come back.


You could feel the happiness in the crowd as you looked around the coliseum near the end of the concert, and you saw almost everybody standing, singing, and dancing. Believe me, I was one of those. At one point in the concert I thought I was going to lose my voice from singing, or almost screaming out, every song.


Sadly, he only sang a few verses of Maria, which ended just as I took a blurry photo.


He closed the show with The Cup of Life, which made the audience, or maybe just me, wishing he would come back; 11:30 was too early to end the concert. But sadly, it was true, it was over.


It was a short concert, but a great one. There was not one boring moment, I didn’t see one mistake, and I’m just waiting for him to release new songs.

Gracias Ricky! La pase súper bien en el concierto y como tú mismo dices, Vuelve.


2 thoughts on “One World Tour, another great concert Ricky

  1. Glad you enjoyed the concert, Kiki. While I’m not a big fan of Ricky’s, I really like some of his songs and I admire him as an artist and wonderful human being. He has his own charity for exploited and abuse children. He’s a great ambassador for Puerto Ricans all over the world. (Ha puesto el nombre de Puerto Rico bien alto).

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