The day I had mofongo for the first time in my 25 years of age, was today, at about 1:30 p.m. People always found this weird, and I never understood why. Now I get it, mofongo is amazing! I didn’t just have mofongo, I had mofongo relleno, which is mofongo filled with whatever meat, or fish you want.

I had always been afraid to try it because I’m not a big fan of other food made with plantains, but today I saw mofongo relleno on the menu, and I just wanted to try it. It was filled with ropa vieja, or stewed beef, which I already liked, but always ate with white rice. Mofongo relleno de ropa vieja is way better than ropa vieja con arroz blanco.


My day has been so exciting since lunch, and I haven’t done anything different than any other day. Just one new thing for lunch has made me so happy. Now I know why mofongo makes people happy. Now I just want more mofongo.

And I guess maybe I tried it because I am starting a challenge today, why not try something else today. My friend Susie invited me, along with the rest of #teamsusie to the 100-mile challenge. From today, February 15, 2016, to March 15, 2016, we have to walk or run 100 miles.

I’ve already walked/ran 3.75 miles, and the day is not over. I can do this!

Let’s see what else I try tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The day I had mofongo

  1. Mofongo has always been one of my favorite foods. Even though I have yet to try one better than my Mami’s, they’re always delicious. Titi Evita loves it too and when her “gringo” husband visits Puerto Rico, he wants to eat mofongo all the time.

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