Dear Maroon 5

I love you guys, so I was really happy when I heard you were coming to Puerto Rico this summer. I have been looking for someone to go to the concert with, but people either say no, which I respect, or just ignore my question and never answer. I thought they were just ridiculous because … Continue reading Dear Maroon 5

One World Tour, another great concert Ricky

Last night, February 13th, I went to a concert I had been waiting to go to for years. Whose concert was this? The one and only, Ricky Martin. I still remember his first concert I went to when I was in the third, or maybe fourth grade. I remember him opening the show with his … Continue reading One World Tour, another great concert Ricky

The wrong five pills

A little after 8:30 a.m. today, I finally woke up and took my medicine. I took all five pills, but after I was done I realized I had taken the wrong five, again. I took the dose I'm supposed to take at night. This is just great, was the first thing I thought, now that … Continue reading The wrong five pills