When talking about brain injury, I focus more on Traumatic Brain Injury because it is the brain injury I know the most about, but it is not the only type of Brain Injury; this does not happen just by hitting our head. Some other types of brain injuries include Strokes, Tumors, Hemorrhages, Encephalitis,Hydrocephalus, Hypoxic and Anoxic Brain Injury, and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Any one of these brain injuries can be followed by a number of effects, which last longer depending on the damage to the brain. Some of these are memory, language, visual skills, concentration, reduced motivation, impaired reasoning or empathy, personality change, depression, anxiety, mobility, and fatigue, among others. The treatment of some of these effects takes very long, as most of them are cognitive and emotional. Treating these effects, not only involves the patient, but family and friends as well.

Because the brain is such a complicated organ, treating anything that affects the brain is no easy task. Even if we don’t notice, because some of the effects cannot be seen, there are some parts that may never heal.





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