Brain Injury Signs

Every brain injury is different, all brain injury survivors suffer and heal differently. Someone may have more cognitive problems than others or more problems sleeping. This is very interesting because I was that I have a lot of cognitive problems, some that I didn't really recognize until I saw them on the image. I have … Continue reading Brain Injury Signs

“Too many of us are OK with the NFL’s violence, because we don’t know these men.”-Shaun King

As you all get ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow I would like to leave you with this great article I found through the  Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center on Facebook. They usually have interesting articles on information about Traumatic Brain Injury and every now and then I read one about concussions and brain injuries in football … Continue reading “Too many of us are OK with the NFL’s violence, because we don’t know these men.”-Shaun King

What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

What happened within this player's skull I read this article a couple of days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. It gave me a better understanding of my brain injury and why they tell me I have to avoid any sudden movements of my head, like on a rollercoaster. For some reason I … Continue reading What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

Health un-insurance

Remember I talked about having to go on my own for healthcare? Well that is just going great. In one month I used all my medicine coverage quota. Because of this, today I had to pay $730 worth of medicine, and we weren't getting all of them. I still have to get another anti seizure … Continue reading Health un-insurance

What not to say to a brain injury survivor

I never know how to react to certain situations, or how to respond to things people tell me. But as I read in this article, 6 things you should never say to a brain injury survivor, people say the wrong things to a lot of brain injury survivors. This list includes most of those situations … Continue reading What not to say to a brain injury survivor

A better understanding of TBI

Now I understand better what happened. I know I hit my head, but I didn't really understand what happened and why it was called a Traumatic Brain Injury. I thought it meant that it was so scary that I would be, or should be traumatized. But apart from being extra careful when crossing the street, … Continue reading A better understanding of TBI

Parkinson’s and TBI

"Traumatic Brain Injury later in life increases Parkinson's risk". After reading this title for an article, I immediately thought a Parkinson's disease was one of the effects of a TBI, and I was going to go yell at somebody for never telling me that. That scared me, even though I didn't have the TBI later … Continue reading Parkinson’s and TBI

Sing and dance in therapy

Experts: Music Therapy Has Dramatic Effect On Brain Injury Patients As I've mentioned before, I received music therapy in the rehab center I attended here in Puerto Rico, and I can say that what this article says is true. This not only helped me, but other patients who suffered strokes, and Parkinson's, as well as other … Continue reading Sing and dance in therapy

Brain injuries and effects

When talking about brain injury, I focus more on Traumatic Brain Injury because it is the brain injury I know the most about, but it is not the only type of Brain Injury; this does not happen just by hitting our head. Some other types of brain injuries include Strokes, Tumors, Hemorrhages, Encephalitis,Hydrocephalus, Hypoxic and … Continue reading Brain injuries and effects

National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Today, we begin March, or Brain Injury Awareness Month. Because of this, I would like to dedicate all, or most of my blog posts to sharing information about TBI or other brain injuries. A brain injury is not something that just happened to me, this is something that we all should be aware of. There … Continue reading National Brain Injury Awareness Month