I think I have mentioned before that part of my therapy while I was rehabilitating from the accident was water therapy. Water therapy is a great way to get your body moving because there is no impact while you are in water, so this therapy included swimming, water aerobics, aquatic yoga, as well as cranial sacral therapy.

Everything about this experience was therapeutic for me. Being in the water, swimming, falling asleep during cranial sacral therapy, and pushing people to put more effort into the water aerobics class, just made me feel calm and alive. I love sleeping, and ill take any chance to tell people what to do or what I think, even if nobody asked me.

But what brought me the most joy and feeling of pride was when I swam across the pool. A had been swimming my whole life, but I didn’t know if I would be able to swim again. I had been in therapy for a while, and had started swimming again, but I wasn’t sure how good I was at it. Then one day they brought my mom in to watch me, and they filmed it.

I swam across they pool, without stopping, without giving up or stopping along the way. That was it, I made it, I could swim!

I am so thankful to my parents and family for teaching me how to swim when I was very young. Being in the water has never been and issue for me, and I was happy to be back in the water after I got back home.

After I was swimming, everything else kept getting easier, like walking, and even running.

Watch the video below to see the first time I swam across the pool.

From swimming to running




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