40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, new study shows

I am very glad to see research is still being done on the link between brain injury and football players, but I don’t like the results of the research. These studies that have been done shows that more than half of the football players examined have shown head trauma.

I know the NFL has a huge fanbase, I mean the have a night each week for them, but it is very clear that the game leads to most of the players having brain injuries. When it comes to a brain injury, or any other injury, it stops being a game. The NFL has enough knowledge about this, I think much more than the fans, and they cannot keep ignoring this just to keep making the ridiculous amount of money they make.

There is as great chance of getting hurt in sports, several times, not just once, but  sprained ancles or broken legs are very different than a brain injury or concussion. In one of these studies: The researchers studied 165 deceased people who had played the sport in high school, college or professionally, and found evidence of CTE in 131 of them.

CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopacy is seen in people who have received various brain traumas, usually in sports. I keep writing about this because I do not want to keep reading about people having brain trauma. Not when we know about it, know what causes it, and know what to do to avoid it. It is known what other sports cause this, such as wrestling, ice hockey, motocross, among other sports. Paying to watch people get hurt shouldn’t be a thing people enjoy.

nfl brain injury.jpeg


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