Every 21 seconds- Trailer

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the upcoming movie "Every 21 minutes"? I have been wondering if it was really coming soon because I hadn't heard anything else about it. I finally found the trailer and I can't wait to see it. I know it will be tough to see that because … Continue reading Every 21 seconds- Trailer

Music can change your brain 

The way music affects the brain has been very interesting to me since the moment I realize music helped me concentrate. I would study and read with my headphones on listening to whatever came up on my iPod. I would listen to music as I read all seven Harry Potter books, as I studied and … Continue reading Music can change your brain 

Brain Injury group board on Pinterest

Yesterday I was invited to join a group Pinterest board called Brain injury group board, where brain injury survivors and caretakers share information to help each other. I was very exited about this and I would like to thank the board creator, Michelle, for inviting me to join the board, as well as the rest of … Continue reading Brain Injury group board on Pinterest

What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

What happened within this player's skull I read this article a couple of days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. It gave me a better understanding of my brain injury and why they tell me I have to avoid any sudden movements of my head, like on a rollercoaster. For some reason I … Continue reading What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

Good News Monday!

My first good news of today, one of my doctors told me he saw the lab results I sent him and he said they're great. I don't want to get ahead of myself because he really didn't say much more, but from his reaction I don't think there was anything wrong. Yay! Second, after I … Continue reading Good News Monday!

More NFL brain injury studies

40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, new study shows I am very glad to see research is still being done on the link between brain injury and football players, but I don't like the results of the research. These studies that have been done shows that more than half of the … Continue reading More NFL brain injury studies

A better understanding of TBI

Now I understand better what happened. I know I hit my head, but I didn't really understand what happened and why it was called a Traumatic Brain Injury. I thought it meant that it was so scary that I would be, or should be traumatized. But apart from being extra careful when crossing the street, … Continue reading A better understanding of TBI

A very, very good movie was made about this

While I was watching the movie Concussion earlier today, I saw an image of what happens to neurons after your head gets shaken really hard. I only thought, that explains what I’ve been through these past few years. After this, my mom, who was sitting next to me said that happened to you, but only … Continue reading A very, very good movie was made about this

7th high school football player dead this year

That’s right, the 7th death of a high school football player this year. The causes of these deaths range from head injuries to heat strokes. This just makes me think of my youngest cousin, he played football for a while when he was younger but then, he got a broken arm during one of the … Continue reading 7th high school football player dead this year

Another voice for TBI

Current Miss Oregon suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury when she was a freshmen in high school and she wants everybody to be aware of how serious this is.  I was very happy to hear that there is another voice out there for TBI and that there are more people out there sharing information about this. … Continue reading Another voice for TBI