EEG results are in

This morning I had an appointment with my neurologist to discuss those episodes I have had and the result of the EEG. I'll be honest with you, I was terrified that he would say they found something weird in my brain activity meaning he would need to increase the epilepsy medication dose and I was … Continue reading EEG results are in

“My Beautiful Broken Brain”

When Lotje Sodderland had a stroke at age 34, she started filming her life from her iPhone when she woke up, two days later. She filmed everything because she wanted to remember. This later came together in a documentary called My Beautiful Broken Brain. The documentary begins showing us her cerebral hemorrhage. After she regains … Continue reading “My Beautiful Broken Brain”

What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

What happened within this player's skull I read this article a couple of days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. It gave me a better understanding of my brain injury and why they tell me I have to avoid any sudden movements of my head, like on a rollercoaster. For some reason I … Continue reading What happens to our brain and skull when they move?

Que? What? The brain injury is not an excuse

First of all, the storm never came. Second, today I read a very interesting article written by another brain injury survivor. In the article she talks about how she was caught off guard when a friend told her to "Quit using your brain injury as an excuse".  Her friend told her this after she asked … Continue reading Que? What? The brain injury is not an excuse

More NFL brain injury studies

40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, new study shows I am very glad to see research is still being done on the link between brain injury and football players, but I don't like the results of the research. These studies that have been done shows that more than half of the … Continue reading More NFL brain injury studies