My first good news of today, one of my doctors told me he saw the lab results I sent him and he said they’re great. I don’t want to get ahead of myself because he really didn’t say much more, but from his reaction I don’t think there was anything wrong. Yay!

Second, after I posted on the blog last night a friend texted me this link:

She told me they created it where she works because they deal with a lot of malpractice which result in brain injuries. As I told my friend, I didn’t think malpractice could result in brain injury. Everything I have heard and read about brain injury, it’s caused by an accident. I didn’t think, and I still can’t believe how a malpractice can cause a brain injury, concussion or CTE.

And finally three; I am very happy to share this article about the advances that are being done in Puerto Rico to fight epilepsy: Avanza la medicina contra la epilepsia en Puerto Rico

This is all possible because of a group of epileptologists in Unidad de Epilepsia del Hospital Hima San Pablo in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Apart from being very happy about all the great steps being taken to know more about epilepsy and it’s possible cure, but that the founder of this, Dr. Ignacio Pita García is my neurologist. He is the neurologist that has helped me control epilepsy. I love knowing there’s a group of neurologists who, just like him, are doing everything they can to help the many patients like me who are living with epilepsy.




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