Earlier today I found out that apparently no health insurance wants to cover epilepsy medicine.

I visited my neurologist’s office this afternoon to ask about the justification we asked him to write for me, the one so I would be accepted back into my mother’s health insurance coverage. His secretary didn’t remember seeing it but she checked in the huge pile of letters they already had for other patients. Of course he hasn’t had time to write mine if he has written one for almost every other patient.

After his secretary told us they would have it finished by Thursday, we gave her another paper for the doctor to fill out. This one was a request to be considered for a program that helps patients with their dose of Vimpat for six months. She was already familiar with this and asked us if we had already filled out the rest of it.

Vimpat is the most expensive of my two anti-epileptic drugs and close to being the most expensive of the over 100 different drugs for 19 different types of seizures. The costs go up to $712 for a 30 day supply, with no generic brand available. Other drugs have generic equivalents going as low as $12 for a 30 day supply. I have a prescription for both, a really expensive one with no generic equivalent and a not so expensive one (Keppra) with a not so expensive equivalent. It was cheap with help from the health insurance, but not without their help.

Great job on helping the 3 million people who suffer from epilepsy, you very horrible health insurance. It grosses me out how people can live with themselves by making money out of stealing from hard working people and by calling it health insuranceThey steal more and more each day, every time we go to the pharmacy to get my medicine it costs more. We ask why and they say that this or that is no longer covered so now it’s more expensive.

I’m sick of it. You got a cure for that?


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