Dear Maroon 5

I love you guys, so I was really happy when I heard you were coming to Puerto Rico this summer. I have been looking for someone to go to the concert with, but people either say no, which I respect, or just ignore my question and never answer. I thought they were just ridiculous because … Continue reading Dear Maroon 5

Health un-insurance

Remember I talked about having to go on my own for healthcare? Well that is just going great. In one month I used all my medicine coverage quota. Because of this, today I had to pay $730 worth of medicine, and we weren't getting all of them. I still have to get another anti seizure … Continue reading Health un-insurance

These epilepsy drugs

Well, in the current episode of Health Insurance vs. Maria, I am very frustrated. After we found out that, because of my condition, I can still be covered by the same health insurance plan as my mom, we are trying to get me back in. In order to get me back in they need another … Continue reading These epilepsy drugs