I can finally vote!

I know I could have registered to vote since I was 18, but I just did it today, 8 years later. I have had more complicated things going on during the two election years since then. First, in 2008, I was going off to college and we didn’t have time that summer, after I turned 18,to go sign up. I also didn’t know we could do absent voting, where we can vote for the Puerto Rican  elections even if were not here. It was all too complicated for me in my first semester in college.

Then in 2012, I don’t know what my plans for voting would have been  because maybe I could have voted in Syracuse, if I would have tried to do the absent voting thing. I don’t know if I was going to register to vote, I really don’t remember. Either way, I didn’t because I didn’t come home that summer to register to vote, and we had other things to worry about when we got home. Registering to vote was the last thing on my mind, I didn’t even know who the candidates were.

However, this year I’m old enough, I plan to be here in November, I know who the candidates are, and I think it’s about time I cast my vote. Getting registered took about 10 minutes, it would have been less but the very nice lady kept trying to take a good picture of me; the flash blinded me every time she took the picture. I went in not knowing what to expect, but walked out of there with a decent picture on my new electoral card.

Now I feel like a real grown up who can make grown up decisions and who will try her best to make the right decision this November . I think now is the right time because this year I know who I want to vote for and I think now is the most important time for all of us to cast our vote. Don’t just vote for a party, listen to what the candidates have to say and what you think that will do for Puerto Rico in the future.



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