Start the conversation

Having epilepsy is not easy, but I have learned that I have to be brave when talking about it, I have to bring it up and I have to tell people. I bring it up and I'm not afraid to because that's just a part of my new normal, living with epilepsy. I know people … Continue reading Start the conversation

My Shot at Epilepsy

"My Shot at Epilepsy" is this year's challenge to raise money for Epilepsy Awareness month. Participants are asked to take a picture or video of themselves in "My shot pose" (arm raised in the air, index finger pointing up), making a donation to MyShotAtEpilepsy .org and sharing it on social media, tagging friends to donate … Continue reading My Shot at Epilepsy

I can vote!

I can finally vote! I know I could have registered to vote since I was 18, but I just did it today, 8 years later. I have had more complicated things going on during the two election years since then. First, in 2008, I was going off to college and we didn't have time that … Continue reading I can vote!