Next chapter of how to deal with evil health insurance companies:

First we went to pick up the letter my psychologist wrote to explain why I should have a health plan that covers more than just ten percent of my medicine, so they will think about letting me join my mom’s health care plan again. From there we went to visit my neurologist for the same thing. But while we were there we gave them the rest of the request for the service that will give me six months worth of Vimpat.

When we left the neurologist’s office another thought came to mind. If we get the help with Vimpat, maybe I won’t have to change my health plan. If the plan doesn’t have to pay for Vimpat I’ll have enough for the rest of my medicines.

I keep complaining about health insurance and how they take advantage of our need for medicine and medical care, but what about the places that don’t even have this? The places where they can’t get these medicines, what about those people? My doctor found the medicine that can control my epilepsy, it’s expensive but through hard work I have been able to get it for over a year, but what about those who can’t get a hold of the right medicine for them or can’t afford it? What about the other 3 million people around the world who have epilepsy? What do they do? Do they have no control over it?

And this is not only epilepsy, what about all the other things? TBI, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, learning disabilities, parkinson’s disease, etc., you name it, people suffer from it and there is medicine to help but they are too expensive or not available to people. What happens to them? Who helps them? Do they even get help?

Everyone should have the same access to medicine and medical services. I know that’s a big issue and my blog won’t do much about that but this is my blog and my opinion.



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