At the end of August my Fitbit Charge began to break, I had only had it for about seven months and the wrist band started peeling out, then the button on the right and the piece that held it fell out too. I hadn’t done anything except wear it everyday. I didn’t know if I had any warranty but it was less that a year old so I figured somebody would help me. 

I immediately emailed Fitbit, I told them what happened and sent them pictures of my broken Fitbit and any other information they needed. They told me they no longer had the Fitbit Charge but they could send me the new version, the Fitbit Alta and to let them know what size and color I would like it.

I couldn’t believe it, they were so nice about everything I thought it might not be true. They sent me the Fitbit Alta but somehow it got lost on it’s way here; I was obsessively tracking it on the link they sent me and after it got to Puerto Rico got lost somewhere in either FedEx or the USPS.

This brings me to another incredibly nice gesture fron Fitbit, when they found out it was lost, they sent me another one, which I received on time, tonight. It’s so pretty! I’m so happy it’s finally here, I was worried it would get lost again.

I’m excited to use it tomorrow and wear it to the gym.


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