Today I decided to make rice and beans again, this time with the ingredients I forgot last time to add flavor; I added cubitos and sazón. These two gave it that extra little bit of flavor it needed and it tasted just like it did when I used to make it five years ago.

This time, however, I didn’t pay so much attention to the order of the recipe; I started adding ingredients in random order and I didn’t pay attention to when I was supposed to turn the stove on. I threw in the tomato sauce with the olive oil putting it in the oven and when I though it was time I threw in the rest of the stuff.

I didn’t know if that would have any effect on the taste but I really couldn’t do anything about it anymore so I just let it boil like the recipe said. While I let the beans boil I worked on the rice, but the beans were done way before the rice. By the time the rice was ready the beans were a little dry, that worried me but they were still delicious.

Later I remembered I didn’t put salt or oil on the rice but thank god the beans were so good I really didn’t notice anything wrong with the rice.

So last time I made beans they just needed some flavor, this time they had flavor but they were just a little dry, next time I won’t make these mistakes.

Practice makes perfect!


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