It has recently become a little difficult walking my dogs because, as I explained in the post Stronger harnesses on my new blog, Indy and Sandy’s leaches broke again and now we are using a collar/chocker. This is a regular collar but the leach ties to a chocker like net that, when pulled, acts like a choker. I do not like this because I was getting used to the harnesses and both girls were doing so well, walking them was a breeze.

Now, it’s almost like walking them when they were little and always pulling, except they’re bigger and stronger. I can handle them but sometimes I need help, especially when they catch me by surprise. Since we walk by an avenue, there are a lot of distractions, people, pigeons, dogs, cats and noises; none of which work well with puppies or me and suddenly they star pulling or barking, or pulling and barking. While they’re doing this I’m thinking, what is it or I need to control her, but I can’t think about both at the same time, let alone do both.

There are a lot of things going on, which I can handle if it’s just me or if I have a way to control my dogs, but when you add the constant pulling, it’s too much. It’s a great workout, at least it feels that way and I think in another environment I would be able to handle it better, but this is too much for my mind to process.

I have to find a way to deal with this, I know there are ways to deal with sensory hypersensitivity.


4 thoughts on “Dealing with sensory hypersensitivity

  1. Kiki, they’re gorgeous! And I love their names. It cannot be easy walking two young dogs by yourself. I walk just one and have all of the problems you’re having. And the distractions…

    Perla, my new puppy (who’s not small), loves chasing iguanas and we see quite a few at the park. I always have to be on guard because when she sees one, she jumps and runs and pulls my hand and arm and it hurts my back. So I always have to be alert, looking at her. I can’t relax and look at my beautiful surroundings because I never know when she’s going to turn into “Cujo”, jumping and barking, and pulling because she saw an iguana, a neighbor she loves (or hates) or one of her canine friends (she has quite a few of those.

    So I really cannot imagine walking two Perlas at the same time 😫. But hey, at least you’re a lot younger than me 😢.

    Loving the new blog, Kiki. I am very happy to see you doing so well and very proud of your strenght and commitment. Wish I was that strong. You keep giving me lessons on how to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties. You really are unstoppable. You go, girl! 💋💁🐕🐾❤️

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