I have a few saved drafts on my blog that I never published but for some reason never deleted. I don’t remember then I wrote any of them but I think reading them again helps me see how much I’ve changed and grown through this whole process.

Here is the fist one:

People don’t often tell me anything that makes me feel bad about my brain injury, but I do know when I am being a little bit slower getting something done or thinking about something. I feel bad because that’s not me or it wasn’t me, it’s the brain injury and everyday it gets easier, but feel like people notice something different, even if they don’t know what it is.

Maybe it’s me because I know something has changed and I think they know something is weird, but it’s something I have to deal with if I want to move on. I can’t live my whole life with people treating me different or giving me special treatment because I went through something different.

6 things you should never ever say to a brain injury survivor

But I am strong.

I still know I have changed but this has just helped make me stronger. I hate that I let my fear of what other people thought get to me because it really doesn’t matter, people can think whatever they want but I’m still fighting this and doing the best that I can. I will keep being as strong as I can and dealing with all the changes.

I will not give up and that is me.




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