In just a few hours we’ll get what feels like a new start. I know there’s a lot of us who need a new start but this doesn’t necessarily come with a new year, a new calendar does. We have to go into the new year with a new attitude, I know I need to.

I had hopes last year of getting a job, that didn’t happen until mid December and it was just two weeks. Two hurricanes separated by two weeks didn’t help, but they didn’t help anyone, they hurt my home and my people A LOT.

I we all learned from all of the mistakes that brought us this horrible year and can start 2018 by fixing these, if not things will only get worse.

Also my blog did worse this year than last year so I need to fix that. I need to make a few adjustments this year on my blog, job and a little on my weight. I’m sharing these with you to push myself and as a reminder.

But it wasn’t all bad, I reached the two years seizure free and have officially controlled my epilepsy. I have also spent a very happy year with my two dogs who have made everything better to handle, even while the ate our couches. And last but not least I got my braces out, so while I’m ready for a new year, I’m thankful for the good things that came in 2017.

So come on 2018! Be a good one (even though I’m terrified).

Happy New Year!!!!

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