Today marks six years since that dark night, the night my world changed. It is now starting to feel like it has actually been longer. I have been able to get most of my life back together, achieving some of the missing pieces very recently.

There was one big thing that had been taken away from me six years ago, which was being able to drive, but just like I promised  last year, I learned! I already knew how to drive, but I re-learned and now, after six years, I’m driving again. This means I’m on my way to gaining more independence as I’ll be able to go to places on my own once I am ready to drive without someone watching over me but, baby steps. I’ll get there before year 7.

There was also that thing I said about getting a job which kind of came true but now I have two jobs, which is even better. I’m still a tutor and I was hired to blog. This second job is a dream come true, getting paid to write. When I said I wanted a job, I never thought I would be able to land a job like this, but I am very happy about that. These are not very steady, but a job is a job and two jobs is even better. I can also pay for my student loans. Even with these two jobs, I am still searching for something that I can make a living out of, but until then, I’m happy with what I have. During this year I also got, not one, but two jobs.

Apart from these two things, I also promised last year that I would keep writing about my adventures with my dogs. I have not written about them here because I went a little further with that and started another blog, My dogs and me, which is just about my dogs.

Six years seems like a lot and I sometimes think I should have achieved more in this time, but looking back, I have actually done a lot and there is still a lot more to come, you’ll see.





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