I’m very happy to say I survived the first week of Focus T25 and it was not easy. I’ve been tired every day since last Monday and it’s not tired sleepy, it’s tired like, I don’t think I can get up. This hasn’t kept me from getting up and following my usual routine, but it does make me think about it a little bit.

Now I’m even more thankful to my psychiatrist for prescribing that second Ritalin at noon because without it I would be falling asleep and I doubt I would have been able to stay awake all day. But this was just the first week, it will keep getting easier as the weeks go on. Easy or not, I have to do this; it is recommended that after a traumatic brain injury you go on with a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercising.

Me being tired after the videos is not due to overdoing the exercises or as a result of the brain injury; I just push myself to do what I can, no more and no less. I’m so tired because I haven’t worked out like that in a long time, at least not since last November. But even at the gym I only pushed myself to do what I could, not too much or too little.

Despite all the difficulties I have faced in recent years, I am very proud to say I can do this, that I survived a week of Focus T25 and I won’t quit. That’s what’s going to make me stronger.



6 thoughts on “First week of Focus T25- Done!

  1. All the best! I started it yesterday. I have done Alpha 2 times before and it has showed amazing results, trust me. I lost 6-8 kgs during alpha. Never had a determination that strong to complete Beta after 1 week into it. This time I am determined. Fingers Crossed!

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  2. Hi Maria,
    Like you, I decided intense physical exercise was the way forward. I didn’t realize but….The stress of working after TBI/DAI made me constantly ill including colitis & I knew I had to look after my body better.
    I did Insanity a couple of times but it was too lengthy so I switched to T25. It’s a killer but really works you out, plus I love Shaun T!
    Best of luck to you – you can do it!!!
    Jo x

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    1. Insanity is literally insanity, I did it before my TBI. I’m glad to hear T25 really works and I’m not killing myself for nothing, especially from another TBI survivor.
      Thank you!!!
      I hope I can finish the whole thing.


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