I have a lot of experience with job interviews, different types of interviews. Once I went to a group interview, an interview where I was given what looked like a quiz, I had lunch during an interview, have been interviewed by more then one person at once, I thought I had seen everything. but today I had my first phone interview.

At first I thought, this was the best kind of interview, I didn’t have to leave my house, go anywhere, get all dressed up and put make up on. I did get ready, I looked for more information on the company and wrote some questions in case I was asked if I had any questions. I was ready!

I was nervous I wouldn’t get the call because for some reason my phone doesn’t always get good service in my apartment, or anywhere really. I got the call but I lost signal at one point and had to call the interviewer back. That could have been a little problematic, especially if I wasn’t able to call back and explain, but the interviewer understood and it was no problem.

I think the interview went well after that and I was sure I made a good first impression but then I started to have doubts; I wasn’t looking at the interviewer, just hearing her voice. I thought she sounded pleased with the things I said and the answers I gave, but maybe she didn’t. And how did she think I sounded? Did I sound nervous or insecure?

I can’t keep thinking about that because that will just drive me crazy but have to look at the positive things like the fact that I’m pretty sure they have been looking at my resume because I can see that people have visited all of those pages on my blog several times today. I really hope that’s a good sign.



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