As we wait anxiously for the end of 2018 and celebrate the beginning of 2019, I was feeling positive and excited for this new beginning. I was baking brownies for everyone when I couldn’t answer what I was being asked. I understood the question, it was how long We had to bake the brownies but I kept saying something else.

After I was asked several times and realizing that what I was saying was not right I knew something was wrong. Maybe it was seizure, maybe not but just in case I quickly asked for someone to bring me my anti seizure medicine. Now I think I probably just had to eat something but we were all scared and I did not want to end the year on a negative note.

2018 has been a good year, a year of learning how to drive again, fixing and moving in to my own apartment, getting a great new job, and another year seizure free. I am very thankful and only have good memories of 2018.

Waiting for great and better memories in 2019!

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