This morning when my alarm went off  at 7:30, I didn’t turn it off and went back to sleep, I woke up, got out of bed and began my day. Waking up half an hour earlier gave me time to eat something, take a shower, get dressed and do my makeup without rushing . So I did everything and even had a few minutes to spare and pet my dogs before calling an Uber.

The Uber came fast so I was going to get to work right on time; everything was going great just because I woke up half an hour earlier and I was even convinced I would start waking up at 7:30 from now on. But then, as I got in the car I realized I didn’t have my lunchbox. The Uber driver was nice enough to wait for me to go back and get it. Except for leaving the lunchbox my day was off to a great start.

As I was walking back to the car, after I got my lunchbox, I took a wrong step and fell, face first, on the driveway. That’s the same driveway I walk out of every morning to go to work, rain or shine, hands full or not, always wearing wedge sandals, carrying my purse, lunchbox and water bottle.  Today I must have stepped somewhere that the floor wasn’t even because I fell face first on the ground.

It was a dramatic fall, so dramatic that I couldn’t initially get up and the Uber driver had to come and help me up. Once I got up I realized that, because I used my hands to break my fall, both my hands got scraped, and because I landed on my knees, my pants got dirty. I didn’t think I was that dirty and thought I could just go to work and clean up there, until the Uber told me she would wait for me while I got cleaned up.

Once I saw myself in the mirror I understood why she insisted I clean up; I couldn’t go anywhere with my face full of dirt, especially work. After I took off my makeup and washed my face I saw that I also scraped my face. I don’t remember my face hitting the ground but it looks like it did. After cleaning my bruises I still had to re-do my makeup and that would take too long, so I decided to take all my brushes and makeup with me and put it on at work, hoping no one would see me walking in like that.

That was the first thing I did, go to the bathroom and try my best to hide what had happened. I was sort of successful and it didn’t take too long so when I didn’t have to worry about that anymore I started worrying about my knees. Both my knees hurt but it was my right knee that hurt the most (it still hurts). I wanted to put ice on it but there was no ice so I did the next best thing, I took a can of cold Coca Cola, put it on my knee for as long as I could and when it was numb I drank it. Today the Coca Cola wasn’t to wake up, I was definitely woken up by that fall, it was sort of like a stress relief.

After I got home from work I got to look at all my bruises and scratches, which are more than I realized. Some don’t even make sense, like how did I hurt my shoulder and my jaw and my face next to my eye? None of that makes sense to me but all I can do is hope it doesn’t leave any more scars and be happy it wasn’t worse. I’m fine.




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