I feel like I’m really getting into this whole exercising thing. I think I’m starting to see results and I don’t know how to explain it but I feel good. Even now, I’m tired from today’s workout but it’s like a good tired, if that makes any sense at all.

Today I followed exactly the same routine as last Monday because today was Cardio day too. Today I was a little more comfortable with some of the different moves. Everything that involves jumping is a little more difficult for me, but I think it’s just because of fear. Without noticing or thinking about it, I found myself doing jumping jacks. Well’ not exactly jumping jacks, just the leg part of the jumping jack, I still have trouble coordinating the arms movement with the legs, but I was jumping. After that, did a few more things that require jumping, without any trouble. Once I lost the fear and didn’t think about it, I did it!

Maybe it was the excitement of doing something I thought I couldn’t or maybe just because it was Monday, but I found myself just wanting to keep going. I even ran for like 3 minutes at the end of my walk. I don’t like to run after doing Focus T25 and when I do run, I don’t run for that long, but today I just kept going.

I don’t know where all this energy came from but I liked it. I hope it keeps coming back so I can get the most out of these workouts. Of course, because I had so much energy earlier, now I’m really tired. If I sleep well, I hope I can have that same energy back tomorrow.


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