Hey! Hope everything is going well so far in 2021! I know it’s only been two days but we have to keep our hopes up and stay positive. Said I was going to keep exercising this year and I kept my word yesterday, I did the two videos I alway do on Friday.

So on my last post of 2020 I forgot to mention that I had finished the first class for the Digital Marketing Certification. I added something about it later at the end of the post but that’s it.

I liked taking that class and the fact that I took it when I wanted. I did everything I had to to, finished every quiz and handed everything in, but I did it when I wanted. Sometimes I just watched one or two videos and that’s it and other times I watched a whole week’s worth of video and took all the quizzes in one sitting. The fact that I had a three week vacation from work really helped.

Now I can go on to the second class, Social Media Management. This course sounds like fun and I think it will really help me share and manage Unstoppable María better. Maybe the way I’m doing it is right or maybe it’s completely wrong, we’ll see.

I already used the blog for a few assignments for the first class where I had to use a business to create marketing goals and a target audience. I hadn’t really thought much about those things because I didn’t really know about them but now that I’m learning about it I will. I hope I can use it for other assignments so I can do a better job at managing it, sharing it and maybe even writing. I want to learn and get the most out of it as I can.


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