With only few days left in my Christmas vacation, I want to make the best of the last morning walks. It feels like it’s coming to an end too soon, just when I was getting used to it.

Today we went to old San Juan again, but we didn’t take our usual route, we went up to El Morro from inside the city.

We went from E Morro to San Cristobal, the other castle and then went inside de city and walked up and down the streets.

We walked a little bit over three miles, which took us a little bit over an hour. It’s not that easy to walk fast when you want to enjoy the view and take pictures and I walk slowly when I’m going downhill. I don’t want to fall but I did run a little when I was going uphill.

While I enjoyed being able to walk without worrying about crowds of people around me, I have to say it really is a shame seeing San Juan so empty, so many stores and businesses empty or closed, no piraguas and the castles closed . I really wanted a piragua by the end of the walk.

I finished the rest of my routine later in the afternoon, after I ate lunch and rested for a while. I wasn’t too tired to continue right away.


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