My brother just published his second book. I can’t say how proud or how happy I am for him. He’s not just a writer, he’s an author. His book, Mangle, is historical fiction set here in Puerto Rico during the Spanish colonization. He has spent years doing research about Puerto Rican history, the Taino Indians, their culture, way of life and the truth about what happened here that they didn’t teach us in school. As he did the research he would write, edit and rewrite, as well as blogs about what he find and writes a column for a magazine here in Puerto Rico.

The work he has done is amazing and his book was just published a week ago and so far it has been very well received. His followers have really been looking forward to this.

My copy of the book was delivered yesterday and I was surprised, very humbled and almost cried when I saw that he dedicated the book to me.

To my sister Kiki (that’s me),
the writer of the family

I had no idea he would do that. It is the best present he has ever given me. He, the author who just published his second book, called me the writer of the family. That means the world to me, that he still thinks of me that way, even though my writing is currently limited to blog posts. It also means that I have to get my act together and write that book that I started but haven’t finished or looked at in years.

Can’t say I’ll start soon like I have been saying for years, I’ll start tonight.


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