I decided to take it easy for a week to recover from those intense nine weeks of Insanity so I’m doing Yoga this week. I might also start using the stationary bike but I’m still not sure, maybe I should just rest for the rest of the week. That was an intense program, even with the recovery week in between.

I found this Yoga program that I like and the first three days are 3-Day Refresh Yoga and I feel great after just two days. I like them because they are simple and I don’t feel worn out during or after but it’s still exercise. I feel good after.

There are more videos in addition to the first three, which I think I’m going to do for the rest of the week before starting any new intense workout.

Now that I realized that I can do intense workouts, I want to, but I need to rest first.

And my dog seems to like doing Yoga too.

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