I don’t think I had been able to take a break and relax for the last three days until this afternoon. First there was Thanksgiving on Thursday when, even though it was nice seeing family again after at least two years, it was still a lot being a co-host to the celebration.

If waking up a little earlier than usual, cleaning, and making dessert and getting ready before people arrive isn’t enough, I made a last minute decision to decorate my tree. It was fine, I had time to do everything and make coquito, which I haven’t even touched yet, and I had a great time but it was a lot.

After a hectic Thanksgiving, there was no time to rest on Black Friday since I had to be up at five to be at work at six. I have no ida how I was able to pull if off, but I got to work on time and was able to manage my eight hour shift in retail, most of the time at the register. I was afraid people would get aggressive or angry for whatever reason just because it was Black Friday but I saw nothing out of the ordinary. There was no fighting, aggression, insults or even theft, at least while I was there.

And finally today I was able to sleep for a little while longer but then spent the day painting a room at my grandparent’s’ house with my aunt. While she painted with the roller y took care of all the edges, which included the floor, windows, door frames and closet. I carefully put tape around all of them, painted and would quickly washed the floor or walls if I spilled any paint.

After we finished the walls I painted one side of the bathroom door. By that time I was already tired, hungry and ready to be done, but I thought it would be easy. I would think what I painted looked fine but when I looked back a minute later , it looked like it needed another hand of paint. That simple door took me longer than I expected and I was so tired I’m not sure I even did a good job but I hope that when I see it again it really does look finished

I can’t say I wasted any time this weekend so far and I’m excited to see what the rest of the holiday season has to offer if we all continue to take care of ourselves and others as we try to go back to our usual holiday celebrations with family. I hope everyone can continue to enjoy this time while still taking the necessary safety precautions.


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